Linking Parliamentary Records through Metadata

Catalogue of Historical Parliamentary Records


This is an interface to more experimental data created to test the feasibility of automatically generating larger amounts of PML-encoded data. The data here covers a 50-year time span but only includes those components of PML files which could be generated automatically. This inevitably generates some anomalies:-

  1. Indexes of persons are generated from controlled vocabularies, and so are complete. Their contributions to debates, however, could only be generated where there was an unambiguous match of their surname to the entry in the proceedings in which they spoke (only so in about a quarter of cases). Therefore, you will often click on the name of an MP to find no records for their contributions - obviously, treat these results with caution!
  2. Many entries in your search results will have no links to sources as Members' contributions to these could not be generated automatically for the above reason.

When searching any phrase, be sure to put your search term in inverted commas, for instance "Craig, James"

The sites which PML index are Hansard 1803-2005 and The Stormont Papers Online.

Example Searches

To illustrate the type of searches which this interface now allows (which had not previously been possible on the pre-existing Westminster and Stormont sites, try the following:-

  1. search for James Craig, the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland 1921-1940 who was also a Westminster MP: the interface shows his contributions to both Parliaments and you can filter the results to produce sophisticated pictures of his career in both
  2. a search on agriculture reveals extensive debates in both Parliaments and considerable overlap of concerns and issues